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Beginning with an 8 1/2 year career in store design and store fixture design, Jennifer went on to expand her background with brand strategy and branded environments. Fueled with these experiences and an extensive knowledge of materials, she then opened her own store in Chicago called "item", where her custom furniture, art and home products could be purchased. Taking on both residential and commercial projects during the 5 years of the store's life, she recognized her desire to take on design on a grander scale and was driven to accompolish her vision. This led her to an opportunity to work on Helmut Jahn's iconic "600 North Fairbanks" high rise in Chicago. As the Director of Design for Schatz Development over the next 3+ years, she was able to envision and execute the interior of 600 North Fairbanks with many accolades. Her extraordinary eye for colour and unique approach to combining materials, along with incredible vision has continued to expand her work. Today, nearly 24 years in the industry,  she works on both residential and commercial projects, where her custom furniture, art and products can both be found.




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