jennifer sweas design

Commercial Portfolio

Durata Therapeutics Headquarters Chicago, IL and Branford, CT

Durata came to Jennifer to help identify two properties, one for their headquarters (at 200 south wacker in Chicago), and one for their r and d facility/east coast office in Branford, CT.
after reviewing properties with Durata and deciding on the ideal locations, both spaces were completely gutted after an approved design concept for their company was selected by the CFO, CEO and CMO.
Keeping it sophisticated, it still hints at an organic vocabulary but in a clean way. The magnified bacteria, used as a wallcovering, keeps the brand alive in the aesthetic.
An Amsterdam office presence also has the same formula from both of their spaces.

Celebrity Cruises/Royal Caribbean, "The Cube" at Old Orchard Mall, Skokie, IL.

This project is a presentation of a brand to the public, with a short term installation. The Glass cube will host many such installations in the near future....with Celebrity being the first.

Jennifer's role was to see one of their newest ships " The Reflection" and recreate areas of the ship into a small vignette within the Cube, so that the public could get a chance to see how Royal Caribbean/Celebrity had rebranded themselves. We chose to show the Blue restaurant and the Persian Garden Spa, which was built custom  in Chicago.
Working hand in hand with Celebrity, we ensured that all products were built to orignal spec and held the highest level of detail for portraying their successful brand nd translate that into The Cube.
Jennifer also designed the center kiosk, along with the vertical screen tv displays.

The end result was  a favorable installation, with ticket sales in the Chicago region as the highest in the nation for Celebrity.
Sol Cafe, Chicago IL
Independent location owned by Simone Freeman
A warm, reclaimed, comfortable space which doubles as an event location
Fixtures and Furniture also custom by Jennifer
Corp Headquarters, Chicago
Restrictions on this location regarding photographing for privacy issues
Full Floor space, 30,000 square feet
Role was Branded Environment, Design concept/direction and FFand E