jennifer sweas design
Private Residence, Chicago IL , 7700 square feet
Private Residence, 600 Fairbanks Chicago IL
approx. 2500 sq ft
Private Residence, Chicago IL
(Bucktown) 5700 sq.ft
Private Residence,  Gasparilla Island, ( Boca Grande, FL) 5500 sq feet
The entire home was gutted and redesigned in every way.  
Be sure to check out the before photos on the "before and after" page.
Installation Primitive, Chicago IL
photo of light fixtures custom/ designed by Jennifer
Primitive, Chicago, IL
Private Residence, Chicago IL
2700 sq ft

        Diffa Event at The Merchandise Mart, Jennifer Sweas for CS Magazine
600 Fairbanks
Coffee table also designed by Jennifer
                                                   Helmut Jahn Building/600 North Fairbanks/Schatz Development
41 floors
Private Residence
Duplex Penthouse, Chicago IL
3200 sq ft


Private Residence
Chicago, IL
(Lincoln Park) 6500 sq feet